Lost in Time and back

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

so how you guys doin today?
i’m pretty sure some are happy and some are sad
well ..
that’s human nature (wtf am i talkin about?)
sooo , i’m finally back to my un-updated blog
just to let you guys know , im about to write what has been happened to me and my uncompromisable , beloved, amazing (blaah blaah) life -_-‘

these past months i’m into photography , yes , you read it right, it’s PHOTOGRAPHY ! ha-Ha!
something that i thought i wouldn’t do a few years ago !
it all started off my long time friend who suddenly came to my house and telling me that he turns to be a photographer for life
when he talks for like 1000 hours then i feel interested on it, so i convinced my parents to buy me one and they bought me a Nikon, yeeeyyy !

interesting world of photography, it’s all about aethetic in an angle, subject and background. Light play is the most fun thing to do in photography , but i don’t know how and why i love landscape and macro photography hmm …

after all the ups and downs in photography i finally gain lots of techniques in modelling photography and gained lots of friends from it. Interesting and fun to do when you’re just a single ordinary boy , right?

so that’s all the photography stuff i wanted to tell you guys
how about my incredibly messed up love life?
hmm .. since my last break up i’ve been trying to keep my head up, every single day, every single time , until i could accept the fact that my ex is already had a new boy on her arms, yes , she did !

but i’m over it , so i tried to move on, until my friend introduced me to one of the best girl i ever know .
and do you wanna know what happened next?
wait til i write my next blog ! ha !

later guys !
*hell yeah !

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