A new breath , for my bike!

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

yes that right!
i just got a new breath on for my bike !

it just got fixed and guess what?
it’s so much better than before ..
now i feel glad i broke the valves
because , i just got the bike serviced and i change the stuff that i thought i would never change or upgraded

do you know what that is?

it’s the valve guys
yep, the valves

and of course, the CDI works pretty good .. well , not that good thou …

but i’m pretty satisfied with my mechanic’s works on my bike

well, he knows what he’s doing to my machine, and im not

had a very nice afternoon ride with my cbr ..
phewww….. cbr … you just make my lamey borey day turned out to be such an exciting day !

just another useless blog guys , you can close my blog’s window and spit on your lcd

but afterall

my cbr still kickass

and you??

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