(tugas Bhs. Inggris) Riwayat Hidup

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Tugas Bahasa Inggris

Nama: Dimas Arya Mandala

NPM: 14209270

Kelas: 1EA05

Fakultas: Ekonomi

Jurusan: Manajemen

My name is Dimas Arya Mandala, i am 20 years old. I was born in jakarta and been grow up in jakarta ever since. I live in South Tangerang, i spend most of my live here in South Tangearang.

I go to Muhammadiyah from primary school until i finish my senior high school. My school is pretty close to my house, that’s why i decided to study in muhammadiyah, so i don’t have to go far and being tired on the road.

I really love everything about Motorbikes, Skateboarding and Music. Those are 3 things that’s very important and has been part of mu life since i was a child. I’ve been skateboarding and playing music since i was a child. I’m really interested to skateboarding and music because those are things that’s very exciting to do, it’s been my passion to skate and play music instruments.

When i go to senior high school, i really got into motorbikes, especially big bikes and sport bikes. I really love honda CBR , so i decided to buy one for my daily transportation. Since i join the Motorcycle Club, i always been touring with them to anywhere, especially exploring every parts of java island. Now, im currently taking course in sentul to be a professional sport bike rider.

beside taking care of bikes, i also got into music while i was in senior high school, especially metal music. i love fast and loud music, i dont really like pop or romantic songs. I got into my band since i was in 10th grade and never been quite playing music since then. Sometimes i have to take a day off at school to play at some gigs or show.


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